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              After seven(ish) years of running this site, it was time to put my energy back towards freelancing. Below is my hand-picked “best of” Third Beat, comprised of popular posts and sentimental faves. Follow me on Twitter for my latest and greatest comedy articles.?

              Sharilyn Johnson, Editor

              Best of: Late Night

              Deconstructing Conan: Panel Discussion with the Writers of Late Night
              Late Night writers Dan Cronin, Berkley Johnson, Brian McCann, Matt O’Brien, Guy Nicolucci, Brian Stack, Andrew Weinberg, and head writer Mike Sweeney? joined moderator Sarah Vowell for “Deconstructing Conan” at

              Best of: Interviews

              Marc Maron: Part 1
              Since premiering in September of last year, Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF, has become required listening for anyone who claims to take an interest in the comic mind. His interviews with

              Best of: Toronto Comedy

              Team Spirits
              Like a lot of cities, Toronto’s comedy community has a wide selection of weeknight open mics held in the back room of a mid-sized, mid-town, mid-priced bar. Spirits is exactly

              Best of: Improv

              2009 Del Close Marathon: Day 1
              Ahh, Friday! Fresh faces, sanitary eating habits, and hydrated bodies

              Best of: JFL?

              Sarah Silverman & Friends, JFL Toronto
              "Can you believe this lineup? Seriously."

              Best of: More Live Shows?

              Paul F. Tompkins in Toronto
              Paul F. Tompkins loves Toronto, and the feeling is mutual. “O Canada! Thank you to everyone who came out to The Rivoli last night. One of the best nights of
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